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 Denmark F16 Iraq NATO Mission Ends

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KUWAIT, August 25 – Defense Minister is on avisit to the Danish F16s in Kuwait before they pull home about a month. He believes that the fighter jets are ready to return to summer next year.

KUWAIT: Minister of Defence Carl Holst (V) visit Tuesday the seven Danish F16s that are sent on a mission against terrorist movement Islamic State (IS).

And it is a military effort under great pressure defense minister shall a visit at the base in Kuwait. The Danish contribution to the IS mission has namely been characterized by dilapidated fighter, stressed employees in flying staff and record high absenteeism among flymekanikerne.

About a month expiring mandate of the mission, and the aircraft should after a year of broadcast home to Denmark to be repaired.

When they return to the US-led coalition against IS, is still uncertain.

Defence Peter Bartram said, according to both TV 2 and DR that the Air Force will not be ready to send F16 to Kuwait again in a year. And the assessment listen to the defense minister.

Asked when he thinks that the fighter jets can return to the mission in Kuwait, says Carl Holst’s response to TV 2:

“Around the middle of 2016, I think it is realistic that the coalition demands it and that military professional can defend it.”

Carl Holst stresses that the aircraft be returned on the wings ‘as soon as possible’.

The current Danish contribution to the mission expires in October, when parliament must decide whether Denmark should continue to contribute to the fight against terrorist movement.

Denmark F-16 Iraq Mission Ends

Earlier this summer warned flymekanikerne in Berlingske that it would be irresponsible to extend the mission because of crack exposed aircraft and deprivation mechanics.

Besides the fighter jets, Denmark also contributes to a training mission in northern Iraq, where Danish soldiers train Iraqi colleagues.

At the weekend it emerged that the parties behind the defense agreement have agreed to initially draw the seven Danish F16s home to October and give them a break until they are ready to be sent on the wings again.

Defence points out that Denmark F16 aircraft break can contribute in other ways, but do not come with concrete proposals. He stresses in conclusion to TV 2 that the discussion should not be seen as a criticism of the Danish broadcast.

“They have made a huge difference, and there has been much praise for the Danish efforts,” says Carl Holst.

With the visit to Kuwait is also defense rapporteurs of the parties to the agreement, which counts all but Unity and alternative, reports tv2.dk.

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Cedric Bellfridge Spy Who Got Away

Britain failed to prosecute a member of the intelligence services who passed secrets to Russia in World War Two out of fear of embarrassment, files in the National Archives have revealed. MI5 also appeared to have failed to grasp the significance of former film critic Cedric Belfrage’s activities.  Read more

U.S. Nukes Could Soon Return to Europe

U.S. Nukes Could Soon Return to Europe

At the end of the 1970s, NATO’s armament plans were tied to an offer of dialogue. Today too, the West is emphasizing the need to remain in talks with Putin, but the venues that existed for such dialogue before Ukraine crisis, like the G-8 and the Nato-Russia Council, have all been put on ice. Read more


Cold War Resurgent

June 19, 2015

Andrew Wilson
Maylasia MH17 Forensics

Bellingcat MH17 Ukraine-

Russia MH17 lies caught out

Using satellite imagery the Russian government wanted to prove that Ukraine was responsible for shooting down Maylasia Airlines MH-17 on 17 July 2014. The British forensic research group Bellingcat demonstrates that the photos are manipulated.

These satellite images are no longer on the Russian Defense Ministry website, which the research group Bellingcat of blogger Eliot Higgins studied at several levels. The allegation: The photos were digitally processed and dated incorrectly. read more

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China White Paper

China White Paper White paper outlines China’s “active defense” strategy 

While this is the ninth defense white paper issued by China since 1998, it is the first to narrow in specifically on strategy, rather than the broader facts and figures of the country’s military.

It focuses on the core and most sensitive questions concerning China’s military and security policy, said Wen Bing, an AMS researcher.

China’s socialist nature, fundamental national interests and the objective requirement of peaceful development all demand adherence to active defense, according to the paper.

“Some countries adopt preemptive strategies, emphasizing preventive intervention and taking initiative in attack. Ours is totally different,” said Zhang Yuguo, senior colonel with the general staff department of the PLA, at a press conference on the white paper.



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 Spratly Mischief Reef

China, Updating Military Strategy, Puts Focus on Projecting Naval Power

The White Paper extends beyond naval policy to emphasize the continued modernization of the Chinese military in general, and it describes cyberwarfare as a “grave security threat” that requires the development of a cyber military force. But Western analysts said the document’s emphasis on improving naval capabilities and projecting force far from China’s coastline was the most striking facet of the paper.





China’s defense white paper underscores commitment on peace, military transparency

For anyone who is interested in flipping through these documents, the trend is obvious: In the 2006 defense white paper, China made its nuclear strategy public; in the 2008 document, the country revealed for the first time the statistics of its defense expenditures in the three decades since the start of the reform and opening-up; and the 2013 white paper revealed the designation of the Chinese Army’s combined corps and the missile armament of the Second Artillery Corps.




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