How could a pilot be locked out before the descent?


How could a pilot be locked before the descent? BILD answers the most pressing questions


“The man outdoors tapping gently on the door and there was no response,” the newspaper quoted the expert. Even after beating stronger against the door, there was no response, no one answered. Then he tried seem to break the door. “We do not know why one of the two pilots left the cockpit,” said the anonymous expert continues.

Airbus A320 crash of German Wings: The Flight Data Storage Infographics

How does the locking mechanism?

The doors of the Airbus A320 – has been reinforced and equipped with a peephole – like that of most passenger aircraft since the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001. Furthermore there is a security system, known as “cockpit door locking system” (CDLS).


The standard procedure is described in Airbus A320 manual carefully. The door to the cockpit is basically closed. Will someone enter, he answers by phone in the cockpit.Pilot and co-pilot then decide whether they want the person let in, unlock the door using a small lever on the center console.

EnlargeThe cockpit door of an Airbus A320 from the outside
The cockpit door of an Airbus A320 from the outside
Foto: dpa Picture-Alliance

A Lufthansa stewardess told Bild: “There is a default, usually three-digit code that knows the whole crew and must be entered to enter the cockpit at the door. The pilots will see in the camera, who is at the door and open the door. “

EnlargeThrough a door peephole, the cockpit crew can see who wants to enter. Some machines also have cameras outside the door
Through a door peephole, the cockpit crew can see who wants to enter. Some machines also have cameras outside the door
Foto: dpa Picture-Alliance

If the two of something strange or there is a message that does not conform to the regulations, the pilots can lock the cockpit in addition with a time barrier between 5 and 20 minutes – then no one comes in.

EnlargeHelpers at the accident site
Special forces of the French army march to the scene of the accident
Photo: AP

► nobody logs in the cockpit on the request of a crewmember from the outside, there is an additional security code to be used in an emergency. The Lufthansa flight attendant told BILD: “For 30 seconds, the pilot then have time to decide on opening the door – do not react colleagues, the door is opened after half minute for five seconds. It is always the same code. In case of power failure, the doors also go on forever. “

This procedure was confirmed by a pilot who wished to remain anonymous, also with The Associated Press.

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After the crash of flight 4U9525 is for German Wings CEO Thomas Winkelmann, nothing is as it was. IMAGE talked to him. 

When and why did the pilot is allowed to leave the cockpit?

It is completely unclear why one of the pilots left the cockpit. The fact is, however, the investigators found that towards the end of the flight was only a pilot in the cockpit. No unusual event, for example, the pilot must be able to make bathroom breaks. This can be found in Airbus A320 toilet directly behind the cockpit.

What we know about the pilot?

Both pilots of the accident were German aviator. The captain of the accident aircraft was a very experienced pilot after earlier statements by German Wings.After image information is the man’s Patrick S.

He is the father of two children. The man flew for over ten years for Lufthansa and German Wings and had completed on the A320 more than 6000 flight hours.

At the radio station “Europe 1” confirmed this to be a former colleague of the aircraft captain, he was a “very experienced pilot. He was one of the best “The now retired colleague continued.” I am one hundred percent sure that they did (pilot and co-pilot, d.Red.) What they could. “

He was a very good father, a former colleague describes the pilot continues, “a good person with a sense of humor.”

This German Wings Maker Airbus A320 crashed over from France
Photo: Stefan Siegenthaler

A spokeswoman for Lufthansa confirmed the co-pilot of the crashed in France German Wings machine worked for the airline since September-2013. The man had completed 630 hours of flight time, previously worked at the civil aviation school of Lufthansa. The young man from Montabaur (Rhineland-Palatinate), which is called by IMAGE Information Andreas L., was formed in Bremen to the pilot.

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