Never in our worst nightmares imagined

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Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr in press conference said  that the first officer,the aircraft controlled deliberately into the mountain. He speaks of the “worst of nightmares” in which such a tragedy it could not have imagined.

+++ 12:37 press conference in Seyne-les-Alpes begins +++

In France, the investigators in Seyne-les-Alpes now give information on the progress of their work. The press conference of the prosecution begins Marseille.

+++ 12:55 “copilot has deliberately destroyed the aircraft” +++
The Marseille prosecutor is certain: “The co-pilot deliberately destroyed the aircraft.”

+++ 12:59 copilot initiated a descent aware +++
The first officer initiated the automatic descent after the captain had left the cockpit. “That can only be a conscious action,” said the prosecutor.

+++ 13:03 copilot refused to leave the cockpit Captain +++
According to the information provided by the voice recorder the captain went to the lavatory and asked the first officer to take the helm. When the captain left the cockpit, the copilot initiated the automatic descent. He refused then deliberately to open the door for the captain. He called to be let back into the cockpit. All this information comes from the analysis of the evaluated voice recorder.

To hear +++ 13:09 breathing the copilot until the end +++
The recorder records from inside the flight deck heavy breathing of the copilot, after the captain had left the cockpit, but not a single word. The copilot was evident until impact on life, says the French prosecutor.

+++ 13:22 passengers shouted just before impact +++
The descent from 10,000 to 12,000 meters to 2000 meters was at regular rate of descent of 1,000 meters per minute instead. Apparently, the occupants of the aircraft until just before impact is not clear what happened. “Screams of passengers can be heard at the last moment,” says the chief investigator.

+++ 13:29 copilot was planning on landing “monosyllabic” +++
On the Voice Recorder can hear the last 30 minutes before impact. Initially, the two pilots were talking normal, but wanted to pass as the captain planning for landing in Dusseldorf with its neighbor, it was very “laconic” and “monosyllabic”.

+++ 13:35 copilot “had no reason to initiate the descent” +++
“He had no reason to trigger the descent. He had no reason to prevent the captain’s return to the cockpit. He had no reason to not respond to radio requests. He had no reason to trigger any emergency, “says the French public prosecutor. However, there was not a single reference to a terrorist act or religious background. The co-pilot Andreas L. was 28 years old and a German citizen.

+++ 13:44 German legal profession opened “death investigation” +++
The prosecution Dusseldorf introduces a “death investigation” by, says Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière. The investigations are therefore governed by the French authorities. There was no terrorist background of the copilot.

+++ 13:51 eight minutes just breathing in the cockpit +++
The Tower in Marseille tried several times to contact the German Wings aircraft. However, during the last eight minutes before the crash, there was no contact between the aircraft and the airport, the investigators say. Just breathing was heard in the cockpit. The alarm in the aircraft was apparently triggered automatically because the aircraft was dangerously close to the ground.

+++ 14:01 copilot Andreas L. “not like some madman” +++
An n-tv reporter talking to acquaintances of the co-pilot who crashed 150 people to their deaths.In Rhineland-Palatinate Montabaur you knew the 28-year-old Andreas L. as “young, reticent man, not like some crazy people there are sometimes in aviation”. The pilot was a longtime member of the aviation club in the region.

+++ 14:18 copilot followed equipment side of Airbus A320 +++
The copilot from the Westerwald region was also on Facebook on the go – and there followedone side , on the technical and operational details of the aircraft type A320 are discussed.Experienced Airbus pilots there talking about the model.

14:30 +++ access to the cockpit was “explicitly blocked” +++
Federal Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt explains German experts have confirmed that the copilot had the captain access to the cockpit “actively refused it”: “From the inside, the access by code be explicitly blocked. ” Investigators hope to further knowledge of the second flight recorder that is still missing.

+++ 14:35 Lufthansa Chairman: That makes us stunned +++
The press conference of German and Lufthansa begins. Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr reported on the career of the copilot. “We are stunned,” he says.

+++ 14:51 copilot interrupted training at Lufthansa +++
“We have plenty of room for the psychological assessment of the pilots who applied DLR tests are perhaps the world’s leading method for it,” says Lufthansa CEO Spohr. Whatever he says Andreas L. had interrupted his education six years ago, but then resumed and passed. There had been an eight-month waiting period, the L.’ve bypassed as a flight attendant. Since 2013, he then worked as co-pilot.

+++ 14:58 “most terrible event in the history of the Group” +++
“It’s the most terrible event in the history of the Group. We have full confidence in our pilots. They are the best in the world”, Spohr, convinced ,

+++ 15:04 “Another word as suicide” +++
A journalist said at the press conference, there were reports that the copilot had been “conspicuous” behavior during ascent. The Lufthansa CEO says, of which the Group had no knowledge that the company would but look into it. “If someone takes 149 other people with death, for me that is a different word than suicide,” said Lufthansa CEO. Any mental health problems should investigate the prosecution.

+++ 15:11 “No system can exclude such an event” +++
The Lufthansa CEO speaks of a “tragic individual cases”. No system can dismiss such a single event. “In our worst nightmares we could have never imagined that such a tragedy could happen,” says Spohr. The press conference is now over.

+++ 15:26 relatives are not allowed to the crash site +++
For the families of victims of the plane crash in the French Alps, there are, according to the authorities, no way to get to the scene of the disaster. “That’s not possible, it is much too dangerous,” says the sub-prefect of Aix-en-Provence, Serge Gouteyron.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will speak at 16:30 clock to insights about the accident flight 4U9525.

Never in our worst nightmares imagined

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