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Plane crash in Barcelonnette [DIRECT]: “The co-pilot of the A320, Andreas Lubitz, wanted to destroy the plane”


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A320 CRASH – The circumstances of the plane crash of Air Berlin Airbus A320, which crashed in the Alps Tuesday becomes clearer.

The prosecutor confirmed on Thursday that the first officer, whose name was Andreas Lubitz, had locked himself in the flight deck before the final impact. Taking advantage of the absence of the pilot.

He then voluntarily activated the button to move the camera.

One question remains:Is it a suicide or an attack?

[Updated March 26, 2015 at 14:11]

The plane crash in the Alps has made 150 victims Tuesday, mainly Spaniards and Germans. The aircraft, an Airbus A320 of the company Air Berlin, a German low-cost airline owned by Lufthansa, crashed near Barcelonnette, close to the town of Vernet and Digne-les-Bains to 10:50 Tuesday morning.

The plane was flying Barcelona-Düsseldorf. This is the 4U9525 flight. A black box was discovered Tuesday, we learned that it was that of the flight deck, which records pilot conversations.

That night, the New York Times revealed that one of the pilots was trapped outside the flight deck at the time of the crash. He would have done everything to go back inside.

According to the prosecutor, the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, who deliberately crashed the plane against the mountain. He locked himself in the flight deck, taking advantage of the absence of the pilot to start the dramatic descent to the ground.

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1:51 p.m. – We prepare a brief portrait of the co-pilot was Andreas Lubitz.

1:48 p.m. –

The mystery remains around the personality of the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz.

He did not seem to suffer from psychological disorders. German police investigation. The hearing of his relatives expected to learn.

1:45 p.m. – The question emerge now is simple: Is it a suicide or an attack?

1:35 p.m. – So this is the first officer is designated as the responsible for the crash of the A320 Germanwings. Andreas Lubitz was a German 28 years.

According to the prosecutor of Marseilles, Brice Robin, the co-pilot was alone at the controls of the aircraft and has voluntarily made to precipitate the fall against a mountain. It is enclosed to prevent the pilot, who was absent for the lavatory, returning to the flight deck. The pilot tried to break down the door to regain his position. In vain.

1:24 p.m. –

Andreas Lubitz, the first officer who locked himself in the flight deck before the crash, was 28 years old and German.

He had been trained in-house by Lufthansa before joining Germanwings in September 2013. His experience as co-pilot on board an airliner was quite low 630 hours. The prosecutor announced he was breathing normally until the time of the crash.

According to BFM TV, who met one of his friends, was a young man “very calm and kind,” aerobatic fan.

1:23 p.m. – All the families of the victims have not arrived. But there are already many, said the prosecutor. The press conference is over.

1:14 p.m. – The families of the pilot and co-pilot are not mixed with those of the families of the passengers and crew, informs the public prosecutor.

1:12 p.m. –

“No contact with the control tower in the last eight minutes” (prosecutor). Marseille control tower tried “many times” to contact the flight deck but “there was no response.”

1:10 p.m. – “There is nothing to say at this stage of the investigation, it is a terrorist attack” (prosecutor).

1:09 p.m. – “Death [persons on board] was instantaneous” (prosecutor).

1:07 p.m. – “The first officer had a hundred flight hours on the aircraft that crashed He was much younger than the pilot.” (Prosecutor).

12:58 – The prosecutor reveals the name of the co-pilot activated the release button altitude loss Andreas Lubitz. He was 28 years old.

12:55 – The aircraft entered a bank just before hitting the mountain.. “Screams of passengers can be heard at the last moment,” said the prosecutor.

12:54 –

“This is a voluntary action by the co-pilot,” repeated Brice Robin, the prosecutor of the Republic. He also confirmed that he was German.

24:51 – “The first officer was breathing normally just before impact,” said the prosecutor. The thesis of the malaise seems excluded. “He has uttered no word.”

12:46 – “The interpretation for us, investigators […] is the first officer, by a voluntary abstention, refused to open the door of the pilot’s cab to the captain, and activated the release button loss altitude […] in a desire to destroy the device. “

12:45 – “The co-pilot was alive” just before the final impact, informed the prosecutor.

24:42 -. “The captain asked the first officer to take command then heard the sound of a seat back and a door that closes At this time, the co-pilot is in sole command He.. manipulated the buttons to go down. The action can be a volunteer, “reveals the prosecutor.

12:41 – “The raising of the body started from [Tuesday] afternoon and the identification string DNA started,” the prosecutor of Marseilles.

24:39 – The German newspaper Bild said both pilots were German.

24:38 – Press conference of the prosecutor of Marseilles, Brice Robin starts.

12.30 – What is known in mid-day: The New York Times and the AFP, one of the pilots was alone in the flight deck before the crash. The other, who had been away a while, tried to re-enter the flight deck, but the access door was locked one from within.

The pilot had 10 years of experience and was, according to a friend, a family man “stable and appreciated.”

The co-pilot was younger and had joined the company in 2013. Prosecutors in Düsseldorf claims not to know that the pilot or co-pilot was alone in the flight deck before the fatal impact. The Office of Investigations and Analysis (BEA) has, for the moment, not confirmed or denied this information.

12:22 – One of the leaders of recheche sections specifies the two objectives of the day: searching human remains and locating the second black box.

12:19 – The Germanwings and Lufthansa indicate the names of the two pilots of the A320 will not be released in the name of protecting their families.

24:14 – The World that indicated in the morning that it was the pilot who had locked himself in the flight deck, has withdrawn its information. So we do not know who the captain or co-pilot was alone in the flight deck just before the crash.

24:12 – It is learned that Germanwings will hold a press conference at its headquarters in Cologne on Thursday at 14:30.

12:04 – Brice Robin, the prosecutor of Marseilles, who coordinates the investigation, will hold a press conference at 12:30. It should confirm or deny the revelations of the New York Times and AFP.

11:57 – Lieutenant-Colonel Xavier Vialenc, gendarmerie, indicates that the second black box, which records the data of the flight, “has still not been found.”

11:43 – The National Gendarmerie has posted new photos of the large device installed on site, “for all investigations in time”
11.40 – The police said that DNA samples from the families of the victims will be made in the afternoon, says 20 Minutes. Forensic science will compare the DNA of families that the bodies found at the scene of the drama for identification.

11:32 – The co-pilot was from Montabaur, in western Germany, we learned this morning Le Figaro. He lived with his parents, but had an apartment in Dusseldorf, the city where the A320 was to land on Tuesday.

11:26 – The Spanish government has announced a new list of Spanish victims: they are officially in number 50.

11:20 – Former pilot of Lufthansa continues his testimony about the captain of the flight 4U9525 on Europe 1 radio: “His crew behavior was excellent, a very good man, kind, with humor , serious, perfect pilot. ” He continues: “I am 100% sure he did the best he could.  He had a lot of experience.”

11:17 – According to the pilot, now retired, the Airbus A320 captain was “one of the best,” and enjoyed a stable family man.

11:15 – A former pilot of Lufthansa testified with our colleagues from Europe 1. He presents himself as a “close friend” of the captain of the flight 4U9525.

11:13 – A special flight for the victims families took off from Barcelona El Prat to Marseille. There, the authorities will take them close to the scene of the accident.

11:02 – The man locked in the flight deck would be the pilot, not the co-pilot, according to Le Monde. This is the man with over 10 years experience and 6,000 hours on Airbus aircraft.

10:59 – Lufthansa did denies nor confirms the information of the AFP and the New York Times.

10:53 – How does the locking system of the flight deck door? A description of video of the new security procedures is broadly shared this morning on social networks.

10:47 – If the track becomes credible suicide after full analysis of the elements available to experts, it is a criminal investigation could be opened in the next hours or days ahead.

10:45 – recalled that no official source confirms for the time information from the AFP and the New York Times about the final moments aboard the A30.

10:43 – New hypotheses are now developed in the media. Le Figaro interviewed an aeronautical expert who looks for the suicide scenario. “A pilot discomfort function is still unlikely” he explains. Everything would indicate that the pilot voluntarily locked inside the flight deck.

10:37 – The Investigation and Analysis Bureau (BEA) “is not sure of the interprétaion” developed in the New York Times reported its former director Jean-Paul Troadec on BFM TV. “It is meant deserves to be read and analyzed in line with other information,” he added.

10:34 – The German Interior Minister spoke this morning asked to take carefully the information provided by the New York Times. “Speculation based on partial data are useless.”

10:30 – Journalist TVE confirms that all teams are at work at the scene of the tragedy. Hundreds of men and women are mobilized, between teams from Seyne-les-Alpes. And those on site in the mountains. The priority is to find the second black box, which recorded the technical data of the flight.

10:23 – In marinated, relatives and families of the victims come from Spain and Germany. Hundreds of people go to pray in the funeral chapels installed at Vernet and Seyne-les-Alpes. On site, everything is done for these people to stay a few days in good conditions. 900 extra beds are especially available to them.

10:14 – If the theory of suicide is confirmed, it would be the ninth case on a flight line since 1976. A previous list was put online by Aviation Safety Network. The last time a pilot deliberately crashing his plane was November 29, 2013, Namibia. 33 passengers were killed.

10:09 – This morning, the media attention and that of the company Berlin focuses on the revelations of the New York Times. New questions arise, including pilot training and monitoring of their health status. If medical examinations are performed on a regular basis pilots, their psychological state is not checked specifically.

10:06 – At the scene of the drama, the weather conditions are good enough, despite a cloudy sky. But the sky is clear in the common area where the helicopters depart.

9:57 – The gendarmerie indicates that the site of the disaster, forensic doctors were airlifted. They will attend the entire staff of the site to identify the bodies.

9:35 – Since September 11, armored doors separate the flight deck from the rest of the device in almost all the planes. The door is controlled by a switch and the input is permitted from within, via webcam. A secret code can help to open the door from the outside, but it is still possible to fully locked from the inside, preventing any entry in the flight deck.

9:27 – The New York Times information seems reliable too. Journalists have released the scoop tonight are correspondents in France the US daily. Among them, Nicola Clark, an industry expert who is described as an expert in the aviation industry. She previously worked for the Herald Tribune. There are 8 years old, she was awarded the World Leadership Forum for its coverage of the release of the A380, and Airbus aircraft giant superstar.

9:20 – The desperate act of a pilot of the A320 Germanwings is in any case taken by AFP. The latter, locked out of the flight deck, allegedly tried to break down the door behind which he was blocked for unspecified reasons.

An ax is made available to pilots to deal with emergencies, but the latter is located inside the cabin to avoid an outsider to grasp and into the flight deck. The idea of ​​an atmosphere of “malaise” on the flight deck minutes before the tragedy also flows.

9:14 – In light of the latest information, Lufthansa defends its pilots. She indicated that the first officer had been trained in a center of the company in the north of Bremen.

The phone call with a French journalist in Berlin, the spokeswoman Germanwings indicates that the identity of the pilots will not be shared, “out of respect for their families.”

9:09 – No officelle communication has taken place. While the prosecutor of Marseilles must speak at midday, neither Bureau of Investigation and investigations (BEA) in charge of determining what happened Tuesday in the French sky.  

Nor the Ministry of Interior have formally communicated to the New York Times information on this thesis pilot locked out of the flight deck and even more on the question of possible suicide. All this information should be treated with vigilance.

9:03 – The suicide theory, revived by the hypothesis of a pilot in the flight deck and cut remaining silent calls his colleague, the subject of much speculation. On site 20 Minutes, we recall that twenty years ago, a plane crashed in Morocco, Agadir, following a suicide pilot.

The pilot of the Royal Air Morocco voluntarily led his unit to the ground killing forty people on board. Depression, delicate personal, political or terrorist act … The pilot profile will probably husked digging this track.

8:59 – Lufthansa, Germanwings parent, does not confirm however for now the information revealed by the New York Times and AFP under which a pilot was locked out of the flight deck to moemnt the crash.

8:53 – According to the latest information, the first officer of the Germanwings A320 had 630 hours of flying time. This information has been confirmed by Lufthansa. The adjective “beginner” is appropriate according to several experts. The captain had meanwhile more than 6,000 flight hours and 10 years of experience.

8:49 – Research on the crash zone resumed in the morning. In addition to the recovery of the bodies of the victims, the priority is the search for the second black box, the Flight Data Recorder (DFR), which records all the details of the flight.

Yesterday, the envelope of this black box was found badly damaged, but not its content. Recall that the black box in possession of the BEA is one that records the camera sounds.

8:43 – The prosecutor of Marseilles will give a press conference at 12:30 on Thursday.

8:35 – The names of the pilots are actively sought on social networks. The name “Anning Wong ZBAA” circulated but that name is not that of a person but would correspond to an online flight simulator. The name was taken from the website, an online simulator site. Vatstats is a tracker VATSIM.

8:28 – If the attempt to break the door of the flight deck appears as a desperate act of the pilot on the outside, we still do not know why his colleague inside did not respond. It is conceivable that désomais fainted, he was forced to silence or he decided to commit suicide.

This explanation, however, seems unlikely, but it can not be completely ruled out yet. It is certain that this linear descent of the aircraft to the mountains right can only be a voluntary action of the crew.

8:22 – The attention is focused this morning on the co-pilot of the A320, although it is not yet known if it was he who was inside or outside of the flight deck before the unit falls . Its starting profile is emphasized by AFP indicating that it had entered the German company in late 2013. Some sources bead 300 hours of flying time. His nationality is not yet known “precision” is it adds.

8:15 – According to AFP, the recording of the black box indicates that both pilots were speaking German. The last moments of the device and its passengers are also described. On arrival at high speed on a side of the installation, alarms indicating the proximity of the ground rang.

8:07 – It is not known why the pilot in question has decided to leave the flight deck and especially why he could not go back. It seems certain from the elements reported by AFP and the American media, one pilot was flying at the time of the crash.

Information which, by the way, underline that the rules were not met, a pilot who leaves his post which must be replaced by another crew member. We still do not know which pilot was inside and what other outside. According to AFP citing “a source close to the matter ,”the first officer had recently joined the company and was only “a few hundred flight hours” to his credit.

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