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T Bones Pickens Texas Panhandle ranch

For $250 Million, You Can Buy T. Boone Pickens’s Panhandle Ranch

Pickens has made a few improvements over the years. In 1988 he began constructing the Lodge, now a 25,000-square-foot compound with sleeping quarters and meeting spaces. Near the compound are two guest houses, the pub, the chapel, the gun room, the kennel, a tennis court, a skeet/trap range, and a golf course with two fairways and greens.

In 2000, Boone began building a San Simeon-esque castle that now stands atop an artificial hill overlooking an artificial lake. (Michael Hardy/Texas Monthly)

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‘Fixer Upper’ for sale in Waco for $950,000

A two-story, one-bedroom house featured on the hit show “Fixer Upper” is on the market for nearly $1 million.stands atop an artificial hill overlooking an artificial lake. (William Axford and Carol Embrey/Houston Chronicle)

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Texas Beaches
Dunes 18 mile beach on Mustang Island on Texas Gulf Coast

Pick from our menu of Texas beaches

The Gulf Coast might not have the crystalline blue waters of the Caribbean, but it does have some fine beaches for all types of recreation. Here are a handful of sandy spots around Texas. (Photo: Mike Sloat/Houston Chronicle)

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Open Range
Wild Horses run through tall grass at Mowdy Ranch Ecosanctuary in Oklahoma

Oklahoma ranch offers up-close look at wild horses

An Oklahoma ranch offers visitors an up-close look at wild horses through a federal program aimed at protecting the symbols of the American West but also managing public land for multiple uses. Mowdy Ranch in Coalgate is one of the Bureau of Land Management’s three ecosanctuaries for mustangs. The BLM’s Debbie Collins, with the agency’s horse and bureau program, says it houses 150 mares relocated from Nevada. Collins says the horses have 1,280 acres (518 hectares) of pastureland to graze. They are provided with hay in the winter. (Sue Ogrocki/AP)

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