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Legally it is allowed that at timesis just a person with flying license in the flight deck. After the crash of 4U9525, in which the copilot probably blocked the door, theairlines react.

German Wings aircraft by the co-polot the largest German airline draw conclusions and want to introduce the two-person rule in the flight deck. In the future, no pilot is allowed to stay longer alone in the flight deck – Matthias von Randow, chief executive of the Federation of German Air Traffic Management (BDL), said on Thursday evening. The concern about the Lufthansa-Konzern, Air Birlin , Condor and TuiFly.

The vice chairman of the Union faction in the Bundestag, Franz Josef Jung, already said before the decision of the BDL the “world”: “I advise to a change in legislation, which can prevent about the French Alps, a nightmare scenario as now

From my perspective, both the pilot should be considered. also the co-pilot – about a special code – always have access to the flight deck is also important to ensure that not only one person is in the flight deck. “.

It was right after the terrorist attacks of September 11  to tighten the rules, the former Minister of Defense stated clearly.

“After the crash of the German Wings aircraft but it should be checked whether there really any regulation increases the security or whether some acts rather counter-productive.”

Several airlines make the pilot or co-pilot for some time during a flight alone in the pulpit – even if it’s in the United States is permissible under the rules of the air safety authorities EASA in Europe and FAA that temporarily only a person with flying license in control of the model has, while the other goes to the lavatory.

For example, the Irish budget airline Ryanair prescribed, “that at any time two crew members must reside in the flight deck.”

In the event that one of the pilots have to go to the toilet, “The supervisor of the cabin crew is required to be in the flight deck during this time,” said Ryanair spokesman Robin Kiely at the request of “world”.

After the crash of the German Wings machine in France now have responded several airlines. Air Canada and the budget airlines Easyjet adopt new rules for the car either. At any time a flight would be two persons present who are sharing companies with independent.

The major European low cost airline Norwegian Air Shuttle has changed their legislation. In the future, the flight deck must always be occupied by at least two people. The change had already been planned for some time.

The accident with German Wings accelerated the project. Formally would have to agree with the Norwegian air traffic control, but the release is expected very shortly.

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