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VOX – The main thing was that I saw people tuning out the media. A lot of us have this idea that the truth has a kind of magical power, that if the truth is out there it will convince the country to unite behind it. But this isn’t so. People can simply decide to not believe a version of events now. They can shop for information the same way they’d shop for everything else, and they pick the reality they find most pleasing.

You know, Trump’s foray into this campaign reminded me of this boxer, Peter McNeeley, who fought Mike Tyson right after he got out of jail. So McNeeley was this terrible white boxer with a mullet who got a chance to fight Tyson at the right time. The whole thing was like a frat dare. McNeeley got himself all pumped up and he just ran to the center of ring, right into Tyson’s fist, and he just collapsed onto the mat. I thought Trump’s campaign would be like that: He’d go into it with a full head of steam, and it would be fantastic for a month or two.

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National Prayer Breakfast

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Middle East Tensions
Listen Up, Iran
By Kyle Andrew Brown
February 1, 2017
National Security Director Michael Flynn Puts Iran On Official Notice

Jeff Sessions Nomination
John Cornyn Takes On Al Franken at Jeff Sessions Nomination Hearing

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Here Comes The Judge
Kyle Andrew Brown

Neil Gorsuch Supreme Court Nominee

Trump Administration
Here Comes The Judge

The Guardian – Tom McCarthy – President Donald Trump has nominated circuit court judge Neil Gorsuch to fill the vacant seat on the US supreme court, setting up a showdown with congressional Democrats and activists over a pick that could shape the ideological bent of the court for a generation.

Gorsuch, 49, the youngest supreme court nominee in 25 years, was among a group of federal judges reported in recent weeks to be on Trump’s shortlist. A strict adherent of judicial restraint known for sharply-written opinions and bedrock conservative views, Gorsuch, a Colorado native, is popular among his peers and is seen as having strong backing among Republicans generally.

The nomination landed at a moment of sharply-increasing alarm amongst progressives that the Trump administration plans to pursue extremist policies on core questions likely to come before the court, from religious equality to abortion rights, voting rights, access to healthcare, LGBT rights, anti-discrimination protections and more.

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National Review – Jonah Goldberg: I find the instantaneous claims that Gorsuch – a hyper-educated scholar with an impeccable resume — is “extreme” to be tedious and exhausting. Why come straight out of the blocks telegraphing that you will not argue in good faith or with reason? Anyone who begins by saying Gorsuch is extreme and dangerous has already forfeited their place at the grown-ups’ table. For instance:

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