Animal Planet

Tracking Down Turkey Trespasser

By Kyle Andrew Brown

The Animal Planet cable network has a terrific program for the outdoors enthusiast: North Woods Law: New Hampshire. The program features the Conservation Officers of New Hampshire Fish and Game who work tirelessly to preserve and protect the natural resources of the Granite State.

New Hampshire’s wild and rugged landscape makes the state a premiere destination for outdoorsmen and women. Making the work of Conservation Officers diverse and demanding. They are tasked with enforcing all laws, rules and regulations pertaining to the state’s fish, wildlife, recreational vehicles, and marine resources. And the officers prosecute all of their own cases involving offenders of wildlife law.

North Woods Law is part of Animal Planet’s regular line-up. The best news is that full episodes are on the program’s website. And the site does not require login via a cable provider.

Watch Full Episodes »» North Woods Law


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